Shimpling Park Easy Cook Lamb Box


  • 2 chump steaks
  • 2 lamb racks (3/4 chops each)
  • 4 x leg streaks
  • 5 x shoulder chops
  • 1 mini lamb leg joint
  • 1 lamb shank
  • 1 knock fillet
  • Some mince (approx 500g – can vary)
  • Some diced leg (approx 300g – can vary)

This equates to about 20 portions (depending obviously on how much you eat!). These delicious pieces are all individually wrapped and will arrive fresh ready to eat immediately  or drop easily into a small freezer.  Each piece is quick to unfreeze and can be easily cooked.  There is a good range for different dishes. (eg. The shoulder chops and shank can be popped in a slow cooker to come home to or the leg steaks can be ready in minutes meaning you can always have good quality nutritional food available, even if you have not pre-planned).  All of our lambs are butchered to order every two weeks. Our lead time will be between two and four weeks to give us time to hang and prepare your lamb. Choose your ideal date on the order form and we will confirm your delivery date by email.  Weights and numbers are approximate and might vary.


Our sheep graze only on organic grass and clover 365 days a year as part of our crop rotation. They contribute to good soil health and help us to farm organically with no artificial chemical inputs. They play their part in us being carbon negative! When you buy meat from Shimpling Park Farm you know you are supporting an ethical system and one with the highest of welfare standards.

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