We grow a range of organic crops from legumes to build fertility in our soils like clovers, vetches and beans to cereals like our heritage grains for making delicious bread, barley for malting for beer, oats for breakfast bars and specialty crops like chia, quinoa and lentils. Let us know what you want us to grow and we’ll give it a go!

Everything we grow fits carefully into long rotations and some multi species cropping systems so that we don’t have to use chemicals to fertilise our soils or protect our crops.

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Our organic New Zealand Romney sheep have been specially selected to fit as naturally into our landscape as possible. They graze our rich  fertility building pastures 365 days a year and give birth naturally outside free from stress.Sheep help us build fertility in our soils to feed our crops as animals have done for thousands of years. 

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Farming organically means that we have lots of wildlife. We have been working with the Suffolk Wildlife Trusts and others for many years restoring our ancient woodland, reclaiming ponds filled in by previous generations, maintaining our ancient hedgerows as well as planting new hedges, woodlands and planting our recent agroforestry project.

Wildlife surveys on the farm show that farming organically has not only halted the decline of some of our endangered species but has actually reversed that decline. We can help design organic environmental schemes if you would like to encourage more wildlife onto your farm.

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We are regenerating our soils, not depleting them. Using fertility leys, long rotations, grazing animals and farming without chemicals has meant that our living soils are able to do just that, Live!


We take our responsibility to tread lightly on our farm incredibly seriously. Since we have been farming organically we have been able to double our soil organic matter, sucking C02 out of the atmosphere at a greater rate than we are emitting through the process of farming and growing food, meaning that we are a carbon sink.