Farm and Wildlife Tours

We host lots farm walks explaining the day to day running of our organic farm. These normally include exploring restored and ancient ponds, discussing agro forestry, looking at crops and talking about our approach to agriculture and countryside management while experiencing the wildlife that share the farm with us. Check out our events page and if you are interested in bringing a group, do get in touch with numbers and we will see if we can do a bespoke tour.

Farmer's Visits

We have many farm visits to show people what a successful profitable regenerative organic farming system looks like. We can show you a range of novel crops, our recently planted 50 acres of agroforestry, the trials we are doing to see what is possible in the future, innovative weeding systems and other specialist regenerative machinery and features on the farm that are helping nature recovery.

If you are a bigger group wanting to organise a bespoke visit do get in touch with numbers and dates and we will always do what we can to accommodate you – Meeting people and sharing knowledge feeds the soul.

“SPF is a great case study on how to transform a farm into a truly climate resilient and nature restorative food producer. So many people have visited the farm and continue to come and learn from two of this country’s leading proponents of organic agriculture”

Steve Jacobs

School Visits

Shortlisted for a Bayer award for exceptional farm visits and CEVAS accredited, farm visits at Shimpling Park are inspirational and empowering as well as being huge fun.

Most young visitors leave Shimpling pumped with enthusiasm for all things farming. Every element of the curriculum becomes a game – from art to English to science and maths…and its always sad when it is home time! Now that’s “education”.

Email for available dates. Let us now your desired outcomes and number of pupils and we will propose the best package for you. We host 25 free visits per year (book early) thereafter the charge ranges for £9.00 per pupil with a minimum day fee of £270.00

Push play to see what Tommy said about visiting Shimpling Park Farm.

Push play to get an idea of just a few of the things we explore on an educational visit

Airfield Visits

In 1943 John Laing built RAF Lavenham on the land at Lavenham Lodge Farm then owned by John’s grandfather David Alston. In 1944 it became US Army Air Force Station 137 and the home of the 487th Bombardment Group.

In April 1944 B24 ‘Liberator’ bombers arrived and they flew their first mission on May 7th. In late July, the group converted to B-17G ‘Flying Fortress’ and together they completed 185 combat missions by 21st April 1945. 85 aircraft were lost in combat or accidents and 233 personnel were killed.

We feel honoured to have a deep family connection to the 487th Bomb Group and have welcomed veterans and their families back to the airfield since the base was decommissioned in the 1950s. We have recently built a memorial to those who died flying from Station 137 in the form of a representation of the station identifier. This was usually two large letters that could be seen from the air by over-flying aeroplanes so that they could identify which base they were passing. In the case of RAF Lavenham the letters were LV.

The former airfield is private property, but if you would like to visit the site or pay your respects please do email us on the address below.